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Initially, our goal was to fulfill a childhood dream of having a farm and greenhouse business like the one our grandparents/parents operated in New Hampshire.  While the greenhouse aspect of the farm is still a focus, an increasing desire to diversify and expand our farm to include other sustainably managed enterprises has taken shape.  Each year as we evolve, we come closer to the roots of this small farm's past, while protecting a piece of our communities scenic rural future.

Our 3 primary farm enterprises are: 

1, Commercial Greenhouse,
2. Heritage Breed Hogs and

3, Perennial Fruits and Vegetables,

Our greenhouse business is open to the public from mid-April to mid-July.  We sell bedding plants, vegetable starts, containers and perennials. We will also be selling a limited supply of asparagus, blueberries and raspberries from our orchard this year.  Our pork is available year-round
, broilers are available spring, summer and fall and eggs year-round for regualy weekly pick-up. 

In 2007 we began the process of transforming what was once a small dairy farm, then a small parcel farmed in annual row crops,  back to a diversified and perennial based farm.  15 acres are taken out of corn and soybean and planted in alfalfa and a small greenhouse is built.  2008 was our first greenhouse season open to the public. 

In 2009, along with building a second greenhouse, we attended and completed the Farm beginnings program. While raising and developing a love for our first hogs, plans for diversifying the farm continued.  In 2010 we completed the conversion of 1.5 acres of alfalfa to a number of perennial food crops. We call this our "orchard". Apples, blueberries, raspberries and asparagus are being raised using progressive practices that uphold our philosophy of a conscientious approach to all of our farm enterprises. We also began a 2 year research project supported through a SARE grant that utilizes straw bale culture , LED lighting and organic practices to grow a variety of vegetables during the "off-greenhouse" seasons. We also purchase our first GOS breeding stock.

2011 was another busy year of expansion as we continue to convert the farm to a perennial based system.  27 acres have been fenced for conversion to pasture, another greenhouse was constructed, and a winter hoop building was constructed for our hogs. We continue to raise purebred Berkshire hogs and are also growing our herd of purebred Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs.  We sell pork from both hog breeds and sell feeder pigs and breeding stock to local farmers in Minnesota.  Eggs and broilers from our free ranging chickens are also available during the summer months.

Along with farrowing and finishing 16 litters of GOS hogs, installing waterlines and internal fencing for rotational grazing, we were able to celebrate the progress we made in 2012 when we hosted an OTIF dinner in August.