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We are now taking orders for whole and  1/2 hogs  for June 2015. Order forms can be downloaded from the Product ordering page

We continue to focus on improving the welfare of our hogs and quality of pork they produce.  To this end, we have been working with the University of Minnesota Morris Alternative Swine Program and  the University of Minnesota Meat Science Department.  Our management practices now include a pasture based system during the summer and fall months and a "Swedish Deep Bedding" system during the winter months.  With the addition of 2 new hog houses that allow natural daylight and outdoor field access year-round, all of our hogs now have a comfortable low stress environment that directly translates to better quality pork. They are fed a high quality vegetarian diet, including corn, barley, field peas, soybean meal, and alfalfa hay in winter.  We prioritize their welfare and focus much of our time on caring for, interacting with and observing our hogs. 

Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS for short): Try stepping back in time and taste this most delightful pleasure;real pork the way it used to taste!  The meat from GOS is a dark meat with excellent marbling and a succulent texture. A number of renowned chefs also prefer to use GOS pork for specialty dry cured meats. This heritage breed of hog has critical status on the American Livestock Conservancy. We have acquired our own herd of registered breeding stock that we continue to expand. We also focus much time and energy on helping to strengthen the breed through our work with Gloucestershire Old Spots of America, Swiss Village Farms and The Livestock Conservancy.

This and many other breeds of swine became endangered when small farms began to disappear due to the pressures from large commercial confinement farms. Thanks to efforts by the American Livestock Conservancy(formerly ALBC) and the Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs of America (GOSA ), this pig is once again available from a hand full of dedicated breeders across the United States. Little Foot Farm is one of the only producers or breeder of Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs in Minnesota

Berkshire Hogs: Berkshires are also a heritage breed hog that are also well known for great flavor. Although not endangered, and certainly more "improved" that the GOS hog, they are still a niche hog due to their more "traditional" pork qualities. We will continue to sell Berks in whole and half hog quantities as well as 20 lb packages in 2014. Customer feedback is so positive, that we decides begin breeding some Berks ourselves as well as producing some GOS/BERK crosses for pork in 2014.

The pork from a purebred Berkshire Hog is called Kurobuta Pork. That means Black Pig in Japanese.  Chefs and Foodies refer to Kurobota pork as the "Kobe" of pork. True Kurobuta pork only comes from pure-bred Berkshire hogs. And that's exactly what we raise!

Berkshire pork looks and tastes better than grocery store pork. Unlike commodity pork or "White" pork, Berkshire pork is visibly different.  It's flavor is lust, distinctive and abundant, with a darker richer color.  Today, Berkshire Pork is featured on menus of many top gourmet restaurants across the world and is sold through specialty gourmet food shops.  The marbling yields unparalleled juiciness. Taste tests comparing Berkshire pork to other varieties of pork consistently show that consumers prefer Berkshire.